experienced management

GenTech bring years of experience to each job. Each of our project managers and estimators has years of engineering experience that began during their university training and continues each day on the job site. Regardless of the scope, each GenTech client receives an exceptional level of attention from our highly trained staff and contractors.

Negotiated Work

100% of our work was negotiated for the first three years of business and we continue to negotiate over 90% of our work.

Competitive Pricing

GenTech enters the hard bid market on a selected basis to evaluate and verify our
competitiveness. We’ve consistently finished either first or second on over 90% of the projects bid.

Safety Record

 We are committed to the safety of our personnel and the general public. We have
implemented every known resource to ensure our personnel has the proper training and certifications. The result? Zero workdays missed.

respect for employees

Since our founding in 2002, GenTech has worked to create positive, family atmosphere for our employees. This has resulted in steady employment through the peaks and valleys of the construction business and an average employment tenure of ten years. This has unlimited benefits not only to the employees but also to the clients they serve.