our history

GenTech Construction was founded in 2002 by owners Paul Vaughn and Duane Horton, whose experience in construction led them to develop an innovative approach that they believed would make a real difference in the industry and in their communities. Our goal, then and today, is to provide the expertise and sophistication of a larger contractor with the culture and innovation of a smaller, more efficient contractor, thus creating a special niche that would set us apart from the competition. To further enhance its ability to provide these services, GenTech expanded its leadership team in March of 2013 with the addition of Wes Jones as Executive Vice President.

Paul, Duane, and Wes have over seventy-five years of combined experience working in the industry. They worked as laborers then as skilled craftsmen in the field while earning their engineering and construction management degrees. They each have a thorough understanding of the construction process that only comes from working at every level—from driving nails to managing multi-million dollar projects.

Since its beginning, GenTech has had the privilege of working with and serving premier organizations and community leaders. During this time, GenTech has sought to learn as much as possible about its clients’ needs from every facet of the project. While working with seasoned developers, we have studied what these developers looked for in such areas as site selection, utilization, leasing and end user relations, financing, proformas, programming, design development, etc. 

Our commitment to understand clients and their needs allowed GenTech to garner and develop a thorough understanding of the construction and real estate industries and use that knowledge to manage projects to their fullest potential. Whether the client is an experienced developer looking for a company that acts as a team player or someone embarking on their first building project, GenTech offers a breadth of knowledge that is unparalleled in the Tri-state area.